Sonny Uppal

Mortgage and Protection advice to Retail and Commercial customers

I’m Sonny, director of Journey Mortgages. We offer a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market. I have been running my business for nearly 3 years now, offering services to residential and commercial clients.

I have been in the financial services industry since 2009, working in a variety of roles from insurance broking to commercial banking, working with clients across Europe. On my travels I have picked a vast amount experience in finding unique solutions for my clients, helping them with their projects from getting on the property ladder, to building assets for the future, whether it be for retirement or estate planning.

With the ever-changing mortgage market, we pride ourselves in staying ahead of the game by developing lasting relationships with our underwriters, so that when criteria changes, we are one the first to know about it and can act appropriately for our clients.

One thing we have been credited with, is helping clients in difficult situations with the mortgage needs. Having gained our experience across the retail and commercial markets, we are aptly placed to think different than the high street broker, as we are able to advise on commercial products and services, which we have found to be far more suitable and appropriate for our clients.

I’m a big sports fan, I enjoy watching by beloved teams play, from football to cricket, you will even find me out on a cricket field from time to time.